Sleepworks by JY Textiles Co.,Limited
Sleepworks Pillows:
We have selected three of our more popular pillows to offer a range ranging from the budget yet quality synthetic filled through to the luxurious quilted cover with wool blended cluster:
Deluxe Pillow
Fabric:       100x80, 40/40’s, 100% Cotton, Bleached White with Healthguard®

Filling:        20% 0.9D Microfiber / 80% 3D Hollow Conjugate Silicon Fibre 

Make Up:   5cm Boxed Wall with Sateen piped edge

Attractive piped finish with walled 
Soft 180 thread cotton fabric
Walled gusset for greater head height
Blended filling for ultimate softness and support

Just Like Down Pillow
Fabric:     133x100, 40/40’s, 100% Cotton Japara, Bleached White

Filling:      100% 0.7D Microfiber – 900gms

Make Up:  Sateen piped edge

Down like feel
Attractive sateen piped finish
Soft 233 thread fabric
Generous 900g fill for softness and support

Wool Blend Pillow
Fabric:       Cover - 133x100, 40/40’s, 100% Cotton, Ecru + non-woven backing
                  Inner Pillow - 40gsm Polypropylene non-woven 

Filling:        Cover - 100% Washable Wool, 200gms
                   Inner Pillow - 50/50 Wool Polyester Cluster Ball

Make Up:   Turned out case with zip closure

Quilted cover gives support and comfort
Zip closure to allow for outer cover to be washed
Blended filling for ultimate softness and support